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Island Aquarium focuses on producing Guppy's, Delta tails, Bee Shrimps, Colisa Lalia, cold water Koi Carps, rare Indian fish etc. Our products are being exported to Germany,USA,UK,Japan,Russia, Singapore,  etc.
We have researched and developed new fish types.Island aquarium was started in 1995 by G.D.C Jayasinghe as a guppy breeder while studying as a student in the university of kelaniya.
Because of quality products, we were suitable to exhibit our products at the 1997 Aquarama trade fair with complete support from the Export Development Board of Sri Lanka (EDB). This gave a good start to our business.
For customers who are having a different demand in both quantity and quality, we maintain and develop our products to be suitable for our customers.
We also participated in the Inter zoo trade fair in Nurenberg, christmas trade fair in Chicago and in the aquarama trade fairs introducing new products and keeping the belief's of our customers.
Sri Lanka is known to be the pearl of the indian ocean. Sri Lanka is an island, with a very rare climate and an unlimited amount of tropical & Cool aquatic resources, Our company has realised this situation. So we are not only limited to the production of traditional Guppy's but also on the Delta tail Guppy's, Bee Shrimps,Colisa Lalia, rare Indian fish, coldwater Koi Carps, while introducing these we have kept the trust between our customers. Meanwhile we like to say that we will offer our products in a competitive price for our customers.
We welcome you and hope you enjoy!

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